About Us

     The business is owned and operated by Ken Sneeden, an award-winning former broadcast journalist and television station executive. Sneeden was the creator of the nationally recognized Golden Apple Teacher Recognition Awards television production and continues to provide professional and volunteer services to local, regional and state public service efforts. For the past several years, he has donated multimedia production services to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s "Celebration of Reading" presentation in Naples, produced by VolunteerUSA. Messages produced by the company include video productions, live and interactive multimedia presentations, and touch screen kiosks.
     Joe O'Neal is the Chief Producer/Editor.  Joe is a graduate of Cedarville University in Ohio and has an extensive background in Christian media production.  Joe is also a musician and great fisherman.
     We are supported by an outstanding team of freelance photographers, writers, producers, animators, narrators, adminstrative staff and other talented professionals.  

Ken Sneeden - President
B.A. Journalism - Univ. of North Carolina

Joe O'Neal - Chief Producer/Editor
B.A. Bible/Communications - Cedarville Univ.

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